JUNCKER’S RHETORIC VERSUS CYPRUS’S REALITY (by Andreas Theophanous). Jean-Claude Juncker’s 2016 State of the European Union address was clear in its analysis: the EU is at a critical juncture and has to become more effective to regain its credibility. But the solution needs more work. Crucially, it needs political will. And it needs an understanding of past failures – not … MORE
  THE RUSSIA-TURKEY RELATIONS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR SECURITY AND COOPERATION IN THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN (by Nadia Alexandrova-Arbatova). No doubt, the Russia-Turkey relations are important for stability and security in Eastern Mediterranean. The downing of the Russian warplane near Syrian border last November has resulted in the deepest feud between … MORE
  THE PROSPECTIVE (CON)-FEDERAL PARTNER OF THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS: TURKISH CYPRIOTS, ‘TRNC’ OR ANKARA? (by Petros Savvides). Since the beginning of inter-communal talks between the 76.6% Greek majority and the 18.06% Turkish minority, in June 1968, on the principle of a unitary independent state, the Turkish-Cypriot and Turkish objective has … MORE
  “THE UNIPOLAR MOMENT” TO “RADICAL UNCERTAINTY”? (by Marat Yuldashev). It is exactly twenty-five years this year, since the Soviet Union, a nuclear superpower, seized to exist – a dramatic moment in history, which Vladimir Putin called “the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the twentieth century”. Whether it was “the biggest”, especially, compared to the WW1, which destroyedMORE